12 February 2013


A young relative (I use relative since I am not sure whether he is my nephew or cousin) came to me and asked me “Aunt Dee, si tutakesha 13th” (aunt Dee shall stay up all night on the 13th)

My first reaction was laughter. I asked him why should we do that and he told me that since last year, he has seen us (relatives) as well as his parents stay up late on some “special” days of the year and thought that since 14th is a day that so many people have talking about, we ought to wait till midnight for Valentine’s day to com. He called it “valentine’s eve”. 

This innocent question got me really thinking about it, really hard. Well on Christmas Eve, we stay up to midnight and wait for the special day that is Christmas and do the same for New Year. Shouldn’t we do the same for this day that celebrates our reason for existence; LOVE? 

We all know that there are some who will literally stay up late till midnight. Not because they wait Valentine’s Day, but because they dread it. The men, to start with, will stay up late thinking and stressing themselves out wondering if they got the right gift\present for their loved one or loved ones for the players). The ladies, on the other hand, will worry their way into midnight and past trying to guess what their better half will get them and laying down terms and conditions for accepting the gift.

Either way, I know my cousin\relative will have some company on valentine’s eve. So I offered myself to stay up all night with him, even though I am in school miles and miles away from him, I will stay up late with him. I know I will be studying and by 8.00 pm his innocent eyes will be asleep. When the clock strikes midnight, I will go around greeting people saying “happy valentine’s day”. We always do it on Christmas and New Year anyway.

Do have a loving and joyful Valentine’s Day


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