16 January 2013


I killed a mosquito, last night
Squashed its cadaver, in my hands
Does that make me, a poacher?

He was wild, right
And kill him I did, not just tonight
Every night, for the past decade
Does that make me, a hunter?

The poacher, hunter is he
Who kills tens, hundreds, thousands, millions of game
With mercenary selfish thoughts and plans
He kills them, regardless of their future.
He kills them, callously.
Skins them, professionally.
De-horns them, unfeelingly.
At the market, he dares boasts of his proficiency.
Time is up, time is now
Kill the game, save the game
Hunt the hunter.


The other weekend I was in a matatu (van) headed to town and I couldn’t help overhear a conversation between two men. This is the part that caught my attention:

Guy 1: I wish Kendi* and Stern* break up
Guy 2: Dude, why?
Guy 1: Because Kendi and I are meant to be.
And guy 1 went ahead to explain how his theory is true and prove that Stern was not man enough for Kendi. Well, that small part of their long conversation got me thinking. I discovered that THIS is exactly what most of us do and most recently (and as ever) our politicians. No, not stealing other people’s girlfriends (though they actually do) but the act of selfishness portrayed by Guy 1.

It is this same selfishness that engulfs our politicians. I will not even start on how they are pushing to award themselves millions of hard earned tax-payer’s money yet day in day out we have strikes by government workers who are underpaid. A lot has been said concerning that.

I was present during a political debate a while back with my inner circle of friends. The agenda of the debate was whom we would vote for, you know, we are a voting block (yes, the five of us). As the debate went on it was clear that some of the presidential aspirants (names withheld) would not get plenty of votes (Well I bet even they themselves know that too well). But instead of them gathering support for their friends who are most likely going to get majority votes.

Well there is the argument that they are gathering support for next election but seriously, now is now and next time is next time. 

Is it so hard to not think of oneself and think of the other?
 Is it too hard to sacrifice now for the benefit of another? 
Or some of us would rather fight a losing battle than let another walk away with victory? 
Is it really that hard? 
Or is it human nature, to be selfish?

2 January 2013


Wow, the year 2012 finally ended and we (I included) celebrated as if 2012 were a great enemy slain. Well, whether we liked it or not, it was a year with great and sad moments. We all learnt some great lessons in the year but these 5 stood out for me:

Seek ye first God

Well, we all know this scripture that says “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.” In the year 2012, I did the vice versa, most of the time, seeking “all these things” first then coming back to seek God after the others have failed. This I learnt painfully but now towards the end, I realized that I had been doing it all wrong so, in the words of king James, I urge thee, seek ye first the kingdom of thy Lord, and all these things thou shalt be added...all.

Appreciate people.

2012 was the year I lost many of my close friends to the grim ripper(does he even exist, anyway) and it left me somehow shaken. So I learnt to appreciate people, whether real life best friends (hi Joe and Vivian), online best friends (hehehe Grace), big sisters (Brenda and Karain), sisters (Daisy), readers of this blog, my mentors, acquaintances, classmates and above all, my family. I love you all; you make me who I am. You never know when the grim ripper shall strike…

Appreciate criticism

Well, don’t we all get mad when that person walks up to you and says you did not do something right, or this thing that you have been working on for days or even months was not well done; well this is what I learnt in the year…positive criticism is good. It is what keeps me going. And time has taught me to appreciate and accept when I go wrong. Negative criticism…these are people who keep saying negative things just to let you down and discourage you. Well IGNORE THESE!!

Let the Fun be

2012 is the yeah I attended most weddings in my life and most well baby-holding occasions and most parties! If there is one thing I really enjoy, is HAVING FUN!! And I will look for any opportunity to have fun…and boy did I have fun! If there is one thing I can never get tired of doing is having fun! And I have to thank my crazy friends for accompanying me each time and having fun with me. Looking forward to more fun and crazy moments in 2013!


This list could not be complete without one useless or non-useful things I learnt. Scientists say that you have to CHEW BEEF 84 times before swallowing! Yeah I know, its absurd!…why would I do that? I chew beef at most 6 times…actually, I never even count! Would I eat or count?! Tsk! Now these scientists are too much!! But anyway, now I know. I shall never order beef when I go out on a date! Who wants to spend the whole date concentrating on counting the number of times you chew your food while you have a great date with you?!

Well, I am eagerly waiting for what 2013 has in store for me!! Whatever comes my way, I will enjoy 2013!! Hope you will too. 

Thanks again for your support!