16 January 2013


The other weekend I was in a matatu (van) headed to town and I couldn’t help overhear a conversation between two men. This is the part that caught my attention:

Guy 1: I wish Kendi* and Stern* break up
Guy 2: Dude, why?
Guy 1: Because Kendi and I are meant to be.
And guy 1 went ahead to explain how his theory is true and prove that Stern was not man enough for Kendi. Well, that small part of their long conversation got me thinking. I discovered that THIS is exactly what most of us do and most recently (and as ever) our politicians. No, not stealing other people’s girlfriends (though they actually do) but the act of selfishness portrayed by Guy 1.

It is this same selfishness that engulfs our politicians. I will not even start on how they are pushing to award themselves millions of hard earned tax-payer’s money yet day in day out we have strikes by government workers who are underpaid. A lot has been said concerning that.

I was present during a political debate a while back with my inner circle of friends. The agenda of the debate was whom we would vote for, you know, we are a voting block (yes, the five of us). As the debate went on it was clear that some of the presidential aspirants (names withheld) would not get plenty of votes (Well I bet even they themselves know that too well). But instead of them gathering support for their friends who are most likely going to get majority votes.

Well there is the argument that they are gathering support for next election but seriously, now is now and next time is next time. 

Is it so hard to not think of oneself and think of the other?
 Is it too hard to sacrifice now for the benefit of another? 
Or some of us would rather fight a losing battle than let another walk away with victory? 
Is it really that hard? 
Or is it human nature, to be selfish?