27 May 2015


Mirror mirror on the wall,
Who’s the bravest of them all?
His image fastens on him,
Its piercing eyes, its mouth opens;
Jeers at him.

“Make me numb God, make me Numb”
He whispers
“my face is red with weeping,
Deep shadows ring my eyes.
Make me numb.”

This fear shatters him,
Seizes him by the neck; crushes him.
Without pity, it pierces his kidneys,
Spills his galls on the ground.
It plunges him into a slime pit,
Even his clothes detest him.
It sews sack-cloths over his skin;
Buries his brow in the dust.

Each time he gets up, he goes down.
He knows the foundations of hell like his first name.

“Make me numb God, make me Numb”
He whispers
“My face is red with weeping,
Deep shadows ring my eyes.
Make me numb.”

He is but a byword to everyone;
A man, whose face people spit,
His whole frame is but a shadow,
As water wears away stones,
As torrents wash away soil,
He lies down thinking
“How long, before I get up?”
For you see, the night drags on,
And the days are swifter than a weaver’s shuttle.
He is a slave, longing for evening shadows,
Like a hired man, awaiting his wages.

“Make me numb God, make me Numb”
He whispers
“Make me numb, till I feel nothing
For fear is but a feeling”


21 May 2015

SO LOVE by Gufy Dox

The things we do
The things we say
The smiles we make
The bills we pay
This is us.
This is me
This is you.
Believing that
Love is in the air-
at least that’s what we say
But is it true where you come from
Beauty is determined by curves and size of ass
Emotions and love are measured by short flings,
short dresses,
short conversations,
and short relations
Circling around custom made likings
that short women are more beautiful-
and tall women are hard to curve

We have reduced the power of feel
Fights between light skins and dark skins
Not knowing that’s definitely and intimately-
21st Century racism

Is it true that
We have boxed love the same way
the opposite sex has?
Emotions sent in chocolate bars-
Feelings travelling in electronic phones-
and buzz-
Have you ever stopped and wondered?

Maybe in the world of emojis
They laugh at our ignorance
every time we send smiley faces
with sad intentions.
We no longer laugh like humans, we
just imagine laughters.

So next time you meet your loved one
Smile a second longer than
The recycled smiles on your phone.
Hug an inch tighter to trigger warmth
that will walk you through the cold times
Because these boxes can’t store
the shapes of love our heart makes


We are big
I am big
you are big

So stretch, close your hands
to the things we do
And open your hearts to the things
ought to be done since
Beauty and killer looks shouldn’t be boxed
In aspect ratios
That rely on another user to ascertain
our real worth, but
That’s how low we are
In a world where self opinion
should be the bench mark of who we are
But who are we
To find love when we are lost
Who are we to hold love
When we let go too soon?

I haven’t been kissed with lips that lack lies
And for every hand that held me
spoke of how loose I am
I have swam in oceans of ‘it’s not you,
it’s me’
‘You’re too good to be true’ and
I have tasted the excuse of ‘I need more-
time to know you’

My heart has had more breaks than school gives
My eyes have seen more beauty in
phone screens, but
Average people when met in reality

I have learned that tears cry too
that hearts fade away
with every rejection
And souls bend to breaking points
with every assumption

So dear lady,
If a man takes long to show his emotions
Go grab his hand,
Steal a kiss
And when he is breathless
Let him know how you feel

To everyone who is hurt,
this is how we heal,
this is how we rise
Schedule your pleasure everyday
for your pain has already scheduled itself

So today, put people first
And tomorrow, when they’re difficult,
Put people first
And when you get to itch for something new,
Put people first
And when you think your pain
Necessitates giving up everyone you love,
Put people first,
Open your world to other worlds
Gift your hands the textures of different people
Feast your eyes to shades of
different colours and fly your minds to
clouds of
How other people make it rain
in their own world

So today,
Learn that we are big
I am big, and you are big
So love
Love like hate has powered you
So love
Love like a heartbreak is chasing you

So love.

All rights Reserved to Gufy Dox. See more of his works here