25 August 2011


Cliches are cliches for a reason, we make them so. When I was young, I used to be quite the tomboy. I grew up with my elder brother and naturally, or not, I mimicked his crazy stunts, fought and played with other guys. I followed him everywhere, well…except in high school where I attended a girls only school. Spider man, Juniper Lee, Danger Mouse and Scooby Doo made up my list of favorite cartoons.

I always wore shorts and T-shirts, and loathed dressing up in frilly pink dresses, more so to attend Sunday school. I was a pro with marbles and the famous “punch” that my brother and I indulged in after school. I got thrills from climbing trees (in kikuyu, such a person is known as “wanja kihii”). I even learnt my share of dance moves and rapping skills while practicing with the guys… don’t get me wrong, I still played “cha mama-cha baba”, but I was not big on dolls.

Fast forward to now and here I am, looking forward to life as a grown-up lady, a grown-up lady so in love with a man! Now, I still have some vestiges of that small tomboy in me, and at times I act like I couldn’t care less for the gestures of romance- but don’t be fooled!!!

I want to be wooed with flowers, candles, chocolates and other sweet niceties. I want my hand to be held (even in public), and I want to be looked at with awe, as if the sun rises in my eyes alone. I want the two of us to have a song; our song. I want us to have a favorite spot; our spot. I want a pet name- “Hun” will do just fine. I also want to dance in the rain (does that ever happen?). I want many anniversaries: first kiss, first date, first everything. I want butterflies in my stomach at the thought of my man, and I want to say “I love you” too. I want a proposal that will leave me teary eyed. I want to walk down the aisle as the most beautiful woman and say those vows: “I do”.

I know… I shock myself too, that this once-tomboy in shorts and tees could become girlie and starry-eyed. For now, I wait and anticipate the future. So, on the contrary, despite my “boyish” upbringing, I look forward to it all.

23 August 2011


One, two, three, four,
My body sways to-and-fro,
Moving our bodies on the dance floor,
This I had not done before,
And my feet feel sore,
But the tune in my heart's core,
Keeps me hopping till four.

The song changes with the note,
And our song starts playing.
In my tummy there's a knot,
Unknown to you and those dancing.
Your type of dance I know not,
But on your chest I am clinging,
And I close my eyes in a second...

My physique in my arms,
Held so close by your charms,
Moving to the beat
Ignoring the cold in the heat,
And like a child awaiting a treat;
So does your heart beat,
When mine skips a beat.

As the songstress sweetly sings,
To another world we swiftly drift,
Not knowing the night will cease,
And so will the music playing,
The query lingers on;
"Will we still dance
When the music stops?"