23 August 2011


One, two, three, four,
My body sways to-and-fro,
Moving our bodies on the dance floor,
This I had not done before,
And my feet feel sore,
But the tune in my heart's core,
Keeps me hopping till four.

The song changes with the note,
And our song starts playing.
In my tummy there's a knot,
Unknown to you and those dancing.
Your type of dance I know not,
But on your chest I am clinging,
And I close my eyes in a second...

My physique in my arms,
Held so close by your charms,
Moving to the beat
Ignoring the cold in the heat,
And like a child awaiting a treat;
So does your heart beat,
When mine skips a beat.

As the songstress sweetly sings,
To another world we swiftly drift,
Not knowing the night will cease,
And so will the music playing,
The query lingers on;
"Will we still dance
When the music stops?"



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