26 November 2013


Ladies and gentlemen, I am in coffee rehab and have been trying to avoid coffee for the fear that I am drugged :-D. Anyhu, I came across these two photos about coffee and thought, why not share them?

This one got my attention though. I ain't saying you should take beer though. :-) :-)

Have a caffeine free week :-)

10 November 2013


You say you hate publicity,
But when a bunch of girls call,
You drive all the way to meet them.
You say you love indoors,
But each evening, each afternoon,
You can’t talk coz you’re driving.
You say you love chatting,
But when in my excitement I text you,
You reply one hour later.
You say you love spending time together,
But when I’m in town,
Your phone goes off.
You say you love me,
But clearly,
You’re in love with another woman.
You say many things, many promises,
I hear you, but no longer believe you,
Because what you say is not what you do.