3 March 2013


There he stands, on the battle line; he is always at the front line.
 In the battle he endeavors, Fights with valor, to win the favor, of his supervisor.
I love the soldier, yes I do, and I love the soldier.

Left and right, front and back, up and down, other soldiers fall,
They lay inert beside him, in the battle.
They fight a losing battle, but not him, He fights, and lives.

He lives to tell the story, the story of the intense combat.
I love to sit and listen, hear him tell stories, scenes of the theater of war.
His stories I find stimulating, motivating, exciting, provoking.

He has won every battle, every except one.
Obstinately he fought, determinedly wrestling,
He lost it, capitulated to this master, the heart.
I love the soldier, yes I do, and I love the soldier,

He lost the one battle I knew he would, he fell in love,
In love with the lady that is me.

I love the soldier, so much, coz he is my soldier.



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