5 November 2015


source: www.psywar.org
We are at war;
All of us.
Soldiers, warriors, victims,
With blood on knives, arrows, blades,
Trapped in the cages we call minds,
Bound by chains of false promise.
We hope, we wait.
Buildings go up in smoke.
Guns and bombs…silence and sobs.

We fight as they steal our freedom,
Sinking us deep in the sea of blood and tears,
“our bloody enemies are so close”.
We are at war.

Black trenches...black coats,
Black as their souls;
Black as the skin on their bodies;
Black as the burning blood they spill;
Black as the hands that carry the weapons;
Black as the people they kill.

We knew,  we knew all along
Yet we shut our ears.

To the cry of the orphan; we flouted.

The widow, the widower; we exposed.

The soldier, the child; we front-lined.
Dreams haunted by the oppression of war.
Violent men welcomed with pomp and glamour,
Peaceful men, who wore compassion as their amour,

We were at war.


Source: www.digitaljournal.com