16 October 2015


*wipes off dust and cobwebs from my Njeri Kareithi folder*

For my birthday, I got these three books from a friend. Sure; I also got other books from other friends but these ones stood out. I could see that they were part of a series and it really excited me. I did not notice it as first; but later as I was admiring them (am I the only one who admires new books all around at first?) I notice that they were not the first books in the series. Oh great! Out of the series of five, he got me #3, #4 and #5. Makes no sense; right? How would I start reading at #3? That’s like watching a movie from the middle. You would speculate what happened, but it would be just that. Speculation. Now, now now, where and how do I get one and two? I remember asking myself. It got me so disturbed for a few days till, like he had read my thoughts, he told me to look at the spine of the books. (I didn’t know what a spine of a book was till I goggled…and asked a friend too. I know you also didn’t know sooooo you’re welcome)

Found. Family. Forever.

That is what was written. I remember slapping myself on my face and smiling at the sweet thought.  We had grown to be such good friends in a short span of time that he could confidently say that he has found family forever. Yes, family. Because at times family is not necessarily those you are related to by blood, it is the people standing beside you when no one else is. People who can be relied on.

Fast forward a few weeks ago…this is how a conversation between me and my mentor (Much respect Sir) went;

Njeri Kareithi (I don’t know where he got the habit of calling me my maiden and sir name, but when anyone calls me that way, I know it is something serious), How are you?

I am fine Mr. Sec General (inside joke)”

I have been to your blog and you have not posted anything lately

uuummmm  you know…” I thought of a million excuses, including one that my keyboard is missing a letter which I might use frequently. Or the typical "the dog ate my drafts". Lame right?

*laughs*don’t make excuses, you need to be consistent…carry on with the way you have been consistent over the years

but bwana Sec General, you should not be reading my blog…you will know too much” I remember saying

*laughs* no, I thought that makes me a good mentor...

yeah, I am working on it.” I replied as I opened my Njeri Kareithi folder and searching for an incomplete poem that I needed to complete and post.

I am actually currently working on a poem

I will check soon and see...

First of all, I remember thinking to myself, why? why me Lord? Not that I write here to please anyone, don't get me wrong. But then I thought to myself that was actually a good call out. You see, many of the times we search for people who do things consistently. I mean, as human beings, we all long for consistency of some sort…be it that person who you know you can always lend to/borrow from because they keep their word, a person who you can always count on, something or someone that you know will be a constant.

Allow me to indulge you in some mathematics (wipe off that sneer you! How else will you know I majored in math/statistics). When something is constant in math, this means it remains the same, regardless of whatever happens around it or the changes over time. The figure never changes. This constant is best seen when all other factors are taken as zero. In math and statistics, this is usually referred to as the constant K (hope you learnt something new there lol). Now, back to real life. Someone or something consistent, according to the queen’s language, is (of a person, behavior, or process) unchanging in achievement or effect over a period of time.

What I have come to realize over time is that as humans, we all desire to have that consistency in life, you know, that security in knowing you can always count on someone or something. Over time, this consistency results to being reliable, trusted, dependable. To be able to be counted on. For this friend to tell me that he has found family forever was more than a complement. It however made me think a lot and this is the challenge I would like to pass over to y’all.

We all long for consistency and reliable things or people…right? But how reliable and/or consistent are we? Can someone say they can depend on you? Do we keep our word? Do we deliver on our promises? Or do we say one thing and do another? Have you ever told someone you will do something or you will take part in a certain activity then they go “yeah right” or “huyo tunamjua, ngoja tu utaona (that one, we know them well, just wait and see)" ? Can people count on us as much as we want to count on them? Are we reliable? Are we consistent? Can people say you are family to them?

What if we became consistent? What if we became reliable? What if we did it for ourselves, #ForMyCity and for humanity?

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  1. I have grown to love change. Experience has taught me to love and appreciate change. Why? because I do not like the complacency that consistency can sometimes bring. (I have this theory in my head about shaking things up abit once in a while in some areas of life) :D this post is relatable, I have battled the urge to want to follow the norm *I think i'm winning* and do writing my own way. Change is good, and the right kind consistency is great; and remaining true to yourself while at this is better :-)

    Fame. Forgiven. First two books of the series...nitatafuta, so that I have good reason for borrowing some of the others :D

    1. True Winlet...consistency can breed contempt...but there are areas in life that need consistency :-) but what you said is key "remaining true to yourself while at this is better :-)"

      haha bring the two books then we can make a deal out of it :-)

  2. If I you had made this post today, I would have thought you somehow got a snippet of my life and you decided to write about me.
    *Thinking of my next post while making a promise to myself to be consistent*

    1. lol Myra live up to that promise now; won't you :-p

  3. This is a great piece. Keep up the writing. I just discovered the blog...I'll read more articles :-)

    1. Hahaha thanks Moffat ..."discovered" though hahah welcome aboard :-)