29 July 2013


Daylight fades, darkness creeps,
Its night; time for moans and weeps.
The women gather the reeds,
We weave skimpy outfits.
As the night gets darker, our spirits go hyper!
Sinking in our nature, lighting the fire,
The village comes to life; the city dies to the world.
The intoxication, the osculation, the insemination and later the abortion;
Animals of the jungle we are!!
Its midnight in Africa!!

Daylight fades, darkness creeps,
It’s time to kill our reads.
We gather some reeds, make some beads and tidy our beds.
Soon we’ll wake in the dark, clean in the dark,
Cook in the dark, leaving our mark.
The adrenaline, the rush, the thrill of the night, we know not.
So we fall deeper in sleep, at the sight of fire.
Blow the candle, ruin the fire!
Its midnight in Africa!!!

Daylight fades, darkness creeps,
We gather by the reeds,
Anticipating his coming.
The foe reigns, ruling over us, for now.
The time has come, the time is now.
We assemble our arsenal, sharpen our swords,
Sharpen our words.
A revolution starts tonight, the uprising shall rise!
Stones, guns, arrows, machetes, fire at hand; we lie in wait.
Cut off the electricity, start the fire!
Its midnight in Africa!!!