10 July 2013


Ladies and gentle men, boys and girls, madams and monsieurs I am going through a loss. I have lost a love that this world has never seen. You see, it started a thousand grasshopper years ago but to the human eye, ears and mind; it was a few days ago. Thirty-something days to be exact. Our love relationship lasted for 30 days. These 30 days were my best days of this year, if not of my life. With this love I found myself so happy, so comfortable. I was literally living in the clouds. With this love, all was well. I smiled real and genuine smiles in those few days. I knew of no disappointment as everything we did was mutual and brought us both joy. Ok maybe not both of us but you can be sure I experienced the most joy and peace.
I did not care to introduce this love to my friends, though I shared the joy I derived from our short-lived relationship with them. I took walks alone at night along streets, looked outside mysteriously as the car moved fast, tightly clutching the waist of the man riding the motor cycle. So special did this love make me feel that I cooked the best meals I have ever cooked in my life, did my dishes with so much eagerness, scrubbing and making them sparkle. Tried so many new dishes that I believe are my new recipes.

Then the time came and I lost this love; just like that. 30 days and it was over. I moped around for millions of seconds trying to imagine how life would go on without this love. I prayed that God would have prolonged our stay together but He said that it had to happen that way. That it had to happen that way for the world to move. Sadly I accepted and though I was heartbroken for this loss, I was glad that I had met this love and had spent moments and days with this love, the best ever.

But now I am glad that I have found a new love. One that has replaced my lost love in a way that I never thought it would. It has only been 8 days and this new love has made me forget my lost love. I know this new love will also be short lived. I know our relationship will last for 23 more days but I will make most use of this new love. So far, so good, I am enjoying myself.

Dear friends; my lost love, the month of June, was so good, the best. I achieved so much in June. Did so much, laughed daily, had peace daily, had real joy. It seemed as though I was in a relationship with the month. 30 days were not enough, but it seems as if July is even better. Half the year is gone, and the second half has started. The first half ended in style and the second half has started even better.

Fare thee well June, July is here and I have to move on