8 November 2012


Being sorry can be very hard when we're overwhelmed with pride,
But sometimes our pride must take a fall before we lose out,
And when we have to say sorry we should mean it from our soul, A meaningless sorry is like a broken promise to the heart.

 And it only hurts more in the end, bringing bitter resentment,
And leading to the loss of a love that should be eternal,
Bringing us back down to earth from the fairytale world of our mind,
With a pain that is maddening, physical and sometimes critical.

My heart is weeping tears of blood for the pain that I've caused you,
And it's crying out my apologies to your mind,
Pleading for your forgiveness for my unfortunate outbursts,
I never meant, in a million years, to be so unkind.

I have made mistakes in the past but never as serious as this,
And I know I will only have myself to blame ,
And that scares me more than I've ever been scared in my life,
For you're my true motivation, the only real thing in which I believe.

And all that's left for me to do is say sorry in a sincere way,
With an apology that comes from deep inside my soul,
It's all I have left to offer for your love and your loyalty,
It's just a pity that my own loyalty, I couldn't hold.

So please take time to think about what I've said, as it comes from the heart,
Take time and try to forgive me my failure to deliver,

© Lorraine Phikellilah. All rights reserved


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