25 November 2012


A few months ago, I held a new born baby. A tiny, sweet, handsome man that belonged to one of my friends. His tiny fingers tightly gripping my finger, his sharp nails (by the way, the nails of the tiny ones are usually very sharp) softly pricking my neck as I held him to rest on my shoulder. I smiled. A true and genuine smile, from deep within. It was a breath-taking moment for me. As I held the young one, I swiftly shifted to my fantasies.

I get invited to many baby showers and my joy is not even in the food (though I don’t mind) or the socialization, but in seeing and holding someone that has been delivered to this earth for the very first time and well, say “welcome to the world baby”. Also, I delight in watching (and learning from them), the mothers protectively hold and hug their own…mmmmh mmmmh mmmmh.

As I watched mother and son bond, I was really touched. I shed a tear, no two. I mean, there can never be enough words to express the sweet relationship and bond between a mother and a child. I was taken aback by this. No matter what circumstances the child came through, a mother will always find joy in her child or children.

The mum lay the young babe on her chest and the young one just slept there, on her, his head resting on the place where her heart is and just slept soundly…(yeah, its soothing). However, I am not saying that the fathers don’t bond with their young ones, but that of a mother is much more deep, much more…..more intense, profound. And to those who felt or still feel that their mothers do not love them, well they do a lot

As I think about it all, I can’t wait for my own young one to come (actually I can wait till then). He/she will be greatly loved! I will jealously love him/her and others will also be jealous. I just envision it and can already feel a mother’s joy in my heart.

A mother’s joy IS in their child.


  1. Wow,you make me a very proud mother.

  2. Wow,you make me a very proud mother.

    1. Thank you Sarah :-) You are a great mother