29 June 2012


This is for her,
For she.

Snatch way her toy,
You will be awake till morning,
She is sensitive.

Invest in her,
She will work so hard,
She is hard working.

Hurt her friends,
She will be there without a halt,
She is concerned.

Show her kindness and love,
You will experience her warmth,
She is loving.

Give her people in need,
She will reach out and touch their hearts,
She is compassionate.

 Get her husband sick,
She will not sleep,
She is caring.

Hurt her child,
You will experience her wrath,
She is protective.
She is she,
The greatest of God’s creation,
She is the baby girl,
The chiq,
The girlfriend,

The daughter,
The wife,
The mother,
The grandma,
The her,
The she.
Cheers to she!


  1. Good work Kareithi... keep it up girl!