28 June 2012


Someone once said that women were created to serve and submit and men to lead and to love. But I feel like tables are turning in this new age. The men are not being allowed to lead, or even love. Reason? Their egos get bruised day in day out. You see, we ladies at times do not allow men to be men. This feeling and need to be independent is slowly pushing men away…and bruising their ego so much that they cannot stand up for themselves. What we get are men who are not responsible, who cannot lead, cannot love since they feel worthless.
The scenario these days is, if a man comes to help a lady do something, they say they are ok, they can handle it… come on, at times give them a chance. When a man comes to show me something, I pretend I do not know anything, like I have never heard it before.This gives him the chance to brag about what he knows and can do. And what is the result? A man whose self esteem is lifted, is confident and most important, his ego is satisfied.
Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying you allow him to do anything for the sake of his ego or give him the audience to just talk about himself, which by the way I don’t tolerate: a man who 90% of the time you are with him all you hear is I this and I that. You would think I was the only alphabetical letter the nursery they attended was teaching. No, I would not recommend that.
Anyway, ladies, if a man’s ego is satisfied, it means that he feels a sense of admiration, he feels valued and he feels an important person in this world. (my friend who is a man told me so). And as a result, he will take up his responsibility and lead and love. What you get is a happy man who is ready to lead and to love, their roles.
So ladies, at times its good to sooth his ego, let him show  how fast he can change a bulb, a flat tire, roast some meat, fix anything, or solve a mathematical/statistical sum. Yes men, I said AT TIMES, not always. Once in a while, for the sake of his ego.


  1. i did it again today!! this trick does not fail me each time!!

  2. i must admit your reverse psychology thing is good-very.

  3. You're right, sometimes men need to feel like men. It's important especially in relationships

    1. That is true Wangu, if he feels like a man, he will act like the man he is supposed to be. :-)