21 December 2011


Good bye is one of the hardest things to say, especially to a special person, a person who has been close to you, to your heart for quite some time. Good bye? There is nothing good in it! I always say. You start thinking of the good times you had, the bad too but all in all, you are left empty, lonely with a vacuum that no one can fill and not even time can heal the wound left by the departure of this special someone. 

Days become dull, nights become darker and colder. The phone becomes useless as there is no one to call or talk to. Loneliness becomes your close friend and memories fill your head. Anything you see reminds you of this person. Any misfortune reminds you of how different it would be with this person around. You become a prisoner of your own feelings, and you tell yourself that with time, you will get over it. Hours turn to minutes, minutes turn to hours, hours become days, days become weeks, and weeks become months and months become years.

And five years later you discover that nothing has changed. Therapy did not work, counseling did not work, and you discover that what people say is not true…time, does not heal all wounds... and you find yourself in the cycle again. So despite all this, which I know might or might not happen to me, I say good bye and hope to see you again. 

So long…Goodbye.