3 December 2011


 Running away is what most of us have been forced to be doing, day in, day out. whether it is running away from our ex, running away from God, running away from the landlord, running away from our problems.....even our shilling is running away from the dollar. We all Love to run away... i mean, who wants to be caught up in all the fuss? One thing I came to realize is that running away does not help...at all. it only gives the problem more time to gain speed and when it comes at you....larger and bigger problems arise. For quite some time I was the runner... (not an athlete, though I also do well in that area)...but I was a great runner.

 All I knew best was to run away... I took any chance in a pressurized situation to run away, no matter the consequences.In an argument, I would simply walk away and leave the other party talking, in sin, i would shut God away completely, but you know what friends, I came to know that it does not help....not a bit, and i came to know it in a painful way. Friends, let us not walk away from our problems and troubles. Learn to take the bull by its horns and face it. 

It leaves you more confident in yourself. so that is my assignment this holiday....To stop running away, turn back and run towards my problems. if you have been a runner like me, join me in the assignment. I am heading there...though I"m making baby steps.. I know eventually i will walk up-right. and so will you!!


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