29 October 2014


Will the movie end?
Or will the road have a bend?
Will the earth keep rotating?
Or will it keep the sun anticipating?
Will the wax melt away?
And make night from what was day?
Will the chocolate melt as well?
Or will the fireplace be where I daily dwell?
Maybe, maybe not.

Will the heart keep beating?
Or will it keep bleeding?
Will the blood keep flowing?
Or will it stop without knowing?
Will I forever resist you?
Or will I forever love you?
Will there finally be us?
Or will our love suffer from a curse?
Maybe, maybe not.

Do I still love you?
Do I still care for you?
Do I want to spend my life with you?
Do I believe in us?
Do I? Do I? Really?
Maybe, maybe not.


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