7 May 2014


I see you,
Crying at the street corner,
Tears that no one will see,
With a story no one will believe.
Passers-by pass you by,
With judgmental glances,
Peeking under their glasses;
“She’s one of them, swims in pangs of pity, She knows not the mystery that is purity”
They hiss in hushed tones.

I see you,
You went to the gym each day,
Thinking if you stayed thin, he would stay.
But then these lasses,
With judgmental glances,
Peeking under their glasses;
They could go to Katmandu overland,
On a limping camel for all you cared;
But your life they stripped!

I see you,
Misery emanates from you,
Like radioactivity from plutonium.
Waiting to die, sitting alone,
In your own cell, regretting all you’ve done.
Daily you huskily howl, from deep inside your soul,
“Help me, I want to go home”

I see you,
Longing for someone who mends; heals,
One who feeds; gives meals,
One to clothe; tops and heels,
He who owns a thousand cattle upon hills.
“Come to me, with your heavy burdens;
Lay them at my feet”
I see you,
I will take you, feed, clothe, mend you,
I will not judge you, for what you’ve done
Or what you have become,
I will love you for you.
Come; my child come.


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