31 January 2014


Just because you can sing in church,
Just because you quote the bible much,
Just because you plant seeds, good deeds, don’t do mix and match,
Doesn’t make you more of a Christian,
Let God be judge

Just because he calls you daily,
Just because he takes you to parties, buys you panties, makes you smiley, daily,
Just because he says he will pay your dowry,
Doesn’t make him a better lover,
Let the heart be judge.

Just because you perform in gigs,
Just because in you mix English, Swahili, sheng' in your jinx,
Just because I’m quiet, perform in syncs,
Doesn’t mean you are a better poet, artist,
Let the words be judge.

Just because you live you dream,
Just because, it seems like I dream my life,
Just because I day dream, and insomnia works on me at night,
Doesn’t make you a better dreamer,
Let tomorrow be judge.


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