30 September 2012


As larvae, you couldn’t
Couldn’t look at me,
I was disgust, repugnance,
A reason to squirm your face

A reason to slow your pace, and scream
An abomination to your neonate
Revulsion to you,
I cared not.

In my cocoon,
You had no clue I existed,
I spinned my anchor, endlessly working within
Endless days, nights, working to find myself a place
A place in a strange world,
Unstable, unsafe for me, yet I spinned.
After all the spinning,
I felt at home, in my cocoon, my home
But you cut down my leaf and still,
I cared not.

Now I am fully grown, crawled out of my cocoon,
Ready to fly, to feed, to live.
You had to catch me.
With my colorful wings,
A product of sleepless nights,
You dare see me now, you capture me,
Closing me in your palms, your jars
You incarcerate me.
Now I care.

Now I care so much that
I want to break free,
I want to fly.
I have wings.
Let me use them,
Let me fly,
No longer a larva, no longer in my cocoon,
I am a butterfly,
Let me fly.



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