28 May 2012


A red rose,
The rose of love,
The rose for funerals,
Today I held a red rose,
In my arms.
Was it a rose of love,
Or of the love dead in me?
The funeral of my heart.

A red dress,
An expression of love,
An expression of pain.
Today I wore a red dress,
Over my body.
Was it an expression of love,
Or of pain?
The pain in my heart.

Red wine,
The wine of love,
The wine of distress.
Today I sipped red wine.
Was the occasion love,
Or was it distress?
Of what I feel inside.

Red colour,
The color of love,
The color of pain.
I see red all around,
Lost amidst the love,
And the pain.
Should I love,
Or feel the pain?

1 comment:

  1. the words are well laid down, one cann almost feel the pain