7 April 2012


If I were to write a love story,
I’d write about us.
If I were to tell a love story,
I’d tell about us.
Of the days we loved each other,
Of the days we sat together,
Of the days I’d look at you and smile,
Of the days we’d walk for a mile,
Of days you sang for me,
Of the nights so cold and lonely,
Of the dreams we shared together,
Of moonlight walks to the border,
Of the laughter we shared,
Of the sorrows we bared,
Of days we cared,
Of days we’d rest in each others arms,
Of days we watched movies hand in hand,
Of days we’d chat till late at night,
Of the eyes that turned me on,
Of the days we wished we could move to our world,
Of days a day was not lived without you,
Of nights I was afraid of the dark without you,
Of the hugs we shared,
Of warm intimate hugs,
Of days we held hands,
Of kisses we shared,
Of days love was all we had,
But promise I did,
Not to tell,
But given a chance,
I would write, I would tell,
A love story,
Our story.


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